Focus summer camp

It's all action at Focus Mixed Martial Arts Summer Camp! 

Martial arts classes, indoor games, free play, and outside time every day. New kid-friendly theme each week, with associated art projects, (optional) costumes, and activities. Weekly field trips to nearby NYC landmarks, and chilling in the AC with movies & pizza for Friday's Dojo Day. It's more fun than you can fit in a week!


New theme each week

From Super Heroes to Spar Wars, each week's theme inspires everything from the techniques we cover in class, to the movies we watch on Dojo Day. Campers are encouraged to come in costumes and fan gear throughout the week, and we spend our down-time each day immersed in the stories, skills, and characters present in our theme.


walking trips & park time

We take a walking trip every day to one of the local parks. Campers spend hours outside engaged in a range of activities: games, free time, sprinklers & water guns, outdoor classes, and picnic lunch.

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bounce house & dojo day

On Wednesday we bring out the bounce house and jump till we drop. By Friday everyone is exhausted, so that's our Dojo Day - we soak up the AC, play indoor games, wrap up classes for the week, eat pizza, and watch a movie (or two)! 

camp dates & themes

June 27th - 28th END OF SCHOOL 2 DAY MINI-CAMP

July 8th - 12th Nunchucks & Ninja Turtles

July 15th - 19th Martial Arts Tricks & Fancy Kicks

July 22nd - 26th Obstacle Courses & Ninja Warriors

July 29th - August 2nd Summer Sampler Where We Do ALL THE THINGS

August 5th - 9th Spar Wars & Foam Swords

August 12th - 16th Movie Stunts, Throws & Falls

August 19th - 23rd Board Breaking Week

August 26th - 30th Super Hero Week


Pricing information can be found in the registration form below. We offer discounts for multiple weeks, early bird sign-ups, and for those that visit us at the many community events we participate in. This spring, we’ll be at the PS84 Camp Fair, the GO Green Festival, the PS84 Garden Party, and the Brooklyn Arbor PLAYGround Festival. We also offer discounts on camps, after school, and the the like to members of our mailing list - to get on it, send an email to

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If you’ve never been to Focus before, please join us for a free trial class, see our current class schedule for times.

Questions? Call us at: 347-599-0912 or send an email to