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Concentrate. Focus power!
— Mr. Miyagi

The Latest

The Latest

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NEW Itty Bitty Movement & Martial Arts!

Join us on Wednesdays & Fridays for our new class for 2 to 4 year olds! We focus on developing gross motor skills, building body confidence, paying attention, and following directions. First 20 sign-ups get unlimited classes only $50/month!



current schedule

Regular classes are held six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

After school programs run Monday through Friday, and we offer school day camps on most school holidays.

Please check here for a detailed class schedule, and follow us on Facebook

for announcements about upcoming events, special offers, and news from the community.

after-school & pick-up

Focus offers an after-school martial arts program for students attending schools in our community.

We are open for student drop-off at 2:30pm.

We also offer supervised transportation from several schools in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

We've just launched pre-registration for the 2018-2019 school year! 

If you're interested in signing your child up for next year, please complete the form at the link below and we'll be in touch. 

Focus Mixed Martial Arts After-School Pre-Registration Form

Pre-register before June 22nd, and take advantage of an array of special offers on summer camp, adult fitness and mma classes, family memberships, and discounts on all of our special programs and events!

to reserve a space for your child in our after-school drop-off or pick-up programs,

please call us at: (347) 599-0912 or email: mracosta@focusama.com

Special Events & Services

Special Events & Services

special events & services

In addition to our martial arts classes and after-school programs, we offer a range of special events and services to the community. For more information, please call us at: (347) 599-0912 or email: mracosta@focusama.com

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birthday parties & space rentals

We offer martial arts themed birthday parties for active kids ages 2 and up. Whether you prep your own pinterest-worthy party in our safety-mat floored space, or sit back while we do everything, our range of birthday party packages cater to your needs. 

Have other plans? It's been our pleasure to host film shoots, capoeira meetups, fight sequence choreography rehearsals, and survival training workshops. Our floor is open for you to bring your ideas to fruition!

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special events & private training

Focus offers an array of special events throughout the year for adults and children:

  • Parents' Night Out
  • Women's Self-Defense
  • Focus for Better Grades
  • Kick or Treat Halloween Party
  • Turkey Day Family Class
  • Couples Self-Defense
  • Daddy-Daughter & Father-Son Workouts
  • Bring a Buddy, Break a Board Week
  • Focus Anniversary Party
  • Last Day of School Blow-Out

Private training is available for kids and adults, and can be customized to fit your needs. Our private clients range from kids with attention issues, a range of abilities, and adults in need of self-defense in extreme survival situations. How can we help you achieve your fitness or training goals?

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summer & holiday camps

Kids in our summer and school holiday camps have fun and learn valuable life-skills. We offer camps during the following school holidays for 2017-2018:

  • Rosh Hashanah 9/21-9/22
  • Columbus Day 10/9
  • Election Day 11/7
  • Winter Break 12/25-1/1/18
  • MLK Jr Day 1/15/18
  • Midwinter Break 2/16-2/23
  • Spring Break 3/30-4/6
  • Memorial Day 5/28
  • Anniversary Day 6/7
  • Clerical Day 6/11
  • Eid al-Fitr 6/15
  • Regents Day 6/22

Summer Camps run from Monday July, 9, 2018 through Friday, August 24, 2018. 


Michael Acosta

Michael Acosta


Welcome to Focus Mixed Martial Arts!

I've been teaching and practicing martial arts for over 20 years - starting with chitoru-ryu  karate - and I have experienced first-hand the power of martial arts to transform individuals and inspire growth in groups.

I believe that martial arts is useful as a tool to develop discipline, self-confidence, and commitment. And I have seen it help kids and adults overcome their insecurities, improve focus, and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Students learn best through experience and muscle memory, so my teaching focuses on mastering basic techniques, using them in group exercises, and mentally preparing for real world situations where they can be used for self-defense.

Come try a class and see what you're capable of achieving through martial arts!


I practiced and taught for many years before opening my own school, and aim to take the best of what I learned from my instructors at:

  • Championship Martial Arts, Orlando FL
  • Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho, Orlando FL
  • Premier (now, Modern) Martial Arts, NY NY


My mixed martial arts program includes techniques and philosophies from the following schools:
  • karate
  • brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • krav maga
  • taekwando
  • aikido
  • hapkido
  • eskrima
  • muay thai
  • kung fu

Michael is Keeping Focus.



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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.
— Bruce Lee
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